Kitchen Update’s wall units for storage

Storage in the home is a top priority for many homeowners – and understandably so. A wall unit can provide much-needed storage space, particularly in a large, open-plan living/dining/kitchen area where it’s vital all elements of furniture work together to provide a cohesive design finish as well as practical storage inclusions. Your wall unit could incorporate an entertainment unit with television, digital receiver, DVD player etc… as well as storage for music, DVDs and games. Or maybe you could incorporate a buffet-style unit for storage of larger platters and plates only used on special occasions or when entertaining a crowd? If you have younger children, a wall unit can be a great way of storing and organising toys, games and other clutter so they are out of sight at the end of the day. Or maybe you have a fabulous collection you’d like to show off? No matter what your requirements, our specialist, qualified designers can create a wall unit to suit your needs.

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